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Minot Farmer's Market Member 

Marketing Resources & Updates

Bookmark this page to help you make the most of the Minot Farmers Market Season. 

Here you'll find updates and general notices about what the Marketing Team is up to and how you can best take advantage of the events, talking points, and activities. 

If you need help with logo packages, brand details, signage, printables, etc etc - Stephanie can get you a quote. Reach her at [email protected] if you'd like her help. 

Set up and Open-for-Business
Tips & Tricks 

Catch up with the Farmers Market Pros to get their best tips and tricks for fast set up and tear down as well as must-haves to make Market Days better for the customers and easier on you! 

Branding Your Business at Market with Ann

Displays, Buckets, Crates with Elizabeth


Events at the Market are a great way to meet new customers. They are also a way that we can talk about the Market in New Ways with the Media. Please invite your customers to participate! 

Your involvement is not required, but it's more fun when everyone gets involved. Here are the Committee Chairs to reach out to for more information on how you can participate or help with planning and the day's events. 

State Fair Parade - Elizabeth Ledoux 
Decorating, Friday July 21 
Parade, Early Morning Saturday July 22

National Farmers Market Week - Looking for a Co-Coordinator to work with Stephanie 
August 6 - 12
Help celebrate the #1 Market in North Dakota as determined by Farmers Market Coalition! We earned this title in 2022! 

Picklicious - Ann Olson 
September 19 
Registration will be online and Ann is looking for your connection and recommendations to celebrity judges! You are encouraged to enter! 

Lil Vendors Kid's Market - Michael Spies

September 23 

Registration will be online, likely opening in Mid-August. We will need your help in getting set up early this day so we can best welome our Lil Vendors and their families! 

Salsa Showdown - Michael Spies
September 26
Registration will be online. You are encouraged to enter! 

Fall Festival - Nancy Sandstrom & Elizabeth Ledoux
October 14
This day features an beautiful craft of cornstalk bundles and mini-pumpkin decorating. Save your cornstalks (early!) and plant extra mini-pumpkins! Last year we had 50+ kids (big and little) paint pumpkins and take them with home. We will need volunteers to help coordinate the craft projects. 





Use these graphics to post on your personal or business social media channels to promote that you'll be at the MFM. 

Click on the image you want to use and download it directly to your device. 

  • Go the the Google Drive


    Use these prompts to help you schedule posts for your social media pages! 

    With more than 100 post prompts, there is no longer any excuses for not posting. Remember to tag @MinotFarmers on Instagram or @Minot Farmers Market on Facebook so we can share or story your post to our audience. 

  • Get the Download


    We have alot of additional community-based events scheduled in conjunction with Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays during the season. The purpose is to give Minot and the surrounding community a new reason or an additional reason to come to the Minot Farmer's Market.

    We hope you'll share this news, and participate where you can! 

  • Upcoming Events Calendar

    Contests, Giveaways, Certificates

    How to Use/Redeem Them


    We will be hosting contests on the Minot Farmer's Market social media channels and on our website to meet marketing goals. If there is a giveaway that promotes a food truck, the food truck owner has provided that value. 

    Minot Farmer's Market Certificates 
    Giveaways are "sponsored" by the Minot Farmer's Market budget. There are limited numbers of these available. If our winner chooses your booth to spend the certificate at, they will present you with the certificate.

    The certificate amount and details are printed on the certificate (see image below) and it is your responsibility to accept it as cash, mark the total of the purchase amount on the back of the certificate and turn it into Karin or Stephanie to redeem for cash. The Certificate DOES NOT require any amount of change. You should not give change. If they do not use the entire amount at your booth, the remaining amount cannot be used at any other time or vending spot.


    Tentatively scheduled for
    September 16, 19, 23 


    Stephanie will be at market for a photo and video shoot on September 16, 19 and 23. This is the time to get a great shot of your booth and products. We use these in promotions, content, and make them available to the member to use how they would like. 

    Wear MFM branded shirts and make sure your booth is in tip-top shape! 

    More Info for 2023

    Vendor for the Day

    The Minot Farmer's Market board made spaces available for spcific and approved farmers, bakers, and makers to join the market during the season. 

    The Vendor for the Day program allows us to give potential members and community members to try out the Market and see if it's the right place for them. It's also our goal to build our list of marketable items for the success of the Minot Farmers Market. 

    These vendors pay a premium to join us and should follow all rules of the Minot Farmer's Market. If you see something that may be out of line, please make Karin aware so that it can be corrected. 

    Please make the vendor for the day feel welcome! A simple hello is a great start. This is likely the first time they have been a vendor or attended an event where they are selling. 

    Additional Events in Oak Park

    Outside sponsored events in Oak Park are another great way to reach new customers and make sales. Parking is the greatest issue on these days. Parking for our customers is the most important priority! Please plan to park across the street in the Oak Park Theatre Parking lot. 

    Here are the known dates as of June 23: 

    September 9 - BurliMot 

    September 17 - LoggerFest 

    October 7 - Alzheimers Walk  

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